Permit Number: ARC 12/278





Without volunteers there can be no run. So please make sure we can keep the event going by occasionally signing up to help out! 

Thanks to last week's (27/04/2014) volunteers: 

Tail runner:  Hilary Wharam.

Marshals: Debra Brown, Emma Payne (with Dylan), Hannah Mallinson and Nicola Budding

Event Directors: Lynda and John Parkinson

 Guest baker: Lynda Parkinson


27/04/2014 (Report from Lynda Parkinson)
Great to see 17 runners turn out this morning for a fine & dry run on the chevin. 
A warm welcome also for our couple of new runners who showed the rest of the field how's it's done with great times.
Our winner this morning was Sam Fugill in an excellent 20:43, with first junior Jenson Brogden not far behind with 22:16.
First Lady past the post was Belinda Manners in 29:04.
Many thanks to our marshals Emma Payne, Debra Brown & Nicola Budding, plus tail runners Tracy (& Penny!) and Hilary.
Hope to see you next week.
Lynda & John
20/04/2014 (Report from Carol Senior)
Perfect running conditions this morning for an enthusiastic field of runners. The weather was fine and cool with a slight breeze,I'm sure everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to marshals Brenda, Coralyn, Gloria and Carol. Thanks to Jackie our guest baker. Have to reserve a very special mention for our tail runner Hilary who not only completed the London Marathon last week but also came first in her age category! Absolutely brilliant. Good to see we all made short work of the chocolate eggs, bunnies and biscuits at the end.
13/04/2014 (Report from Scott Leach)

A beautiful sunny day greeted the 18 runners who decided to race rather than stay home on the sofa in front of the London marathon. The Chevin provided a cooling wind for first home, Darren Midgeley in 18.18. First lady was Sarah Maile (And overall 4th) in 22.21. Many thanks To Horsforth Fellandale for hosting this week's run and providing Race Director and guest baker: Scott Leach; Time keeper Mike Prior; Marshals: Naomi Wrigglesworth, Frances Prior, Carl Prendergast and Alan Russell; Tail runner Martin Gebbett. Huge thanks to the volunteers from Fellandale who made today's run possible.

06/04/2014 (Report from Brenda Grant)

Good time was had by all today at our favourite spot on the Chevin. Nineteen runners took part which was very good considering so many big races on today. Grateful thanks to the volunteers and the results will be up later when time permits. Thank you everyone 

30/03/2014 (Report from Gordon and Janice Slater)

Well done to the 24 runners taking part in the 80th Run Sunday this morning. Yesterday's optimism about summertime may have been a bit premature, but it was still a lovely calm morning with plenty of birdsong! Some great running today with Zak Whitehead coming home in 17.29 and Neil Edmundsen in 18.45 (PB's for both I think) and Faye Wilson finishing first for the ladies in 26.07. James Flinton (MJ7) ran brilliantly to finish just in front of his dad in 28.11, skipping along the home straight as he did so, however the youngest star today was Alice..being pushed round the course in an impressive 35.20 by mum and tail runner Bekki Wheatley! Janice and I thoroughly enjoyed directing today, it was nice to see everyone, and meet 5 new runners. Many thanks to David and Carol Senior, Jim Towers and Rebecca Helen - today's marshaling team, and to Brenda Grant for the lovely apple and cinnamon squares, and to Paul Shack for collating and posting the results. Enjoy next weeks run everyone! (we're off to Stornoway then so will have to miss it)

23/03/2014 (Report from Rob Budding)

Thank you and well done to all 27 runners who turned up to the Chevin this morning for some great running in lovely sunshine, not put off by a little bit of rain before the start. Thanks to the marshals Gordon Slater,Janice Slater, Jim Towers, Lisa SmedleyGloria Jackson (who volunteered to marshal on her first visit!), to Paul Robson for helping to set up the finish funnel and to Fiona Robson as guest baker. First home was Zack Whitehead in 18:14, followed by Neil Edmondson in 19:22 with 1st dog- Albert. Tail runner was Tracy Cratchley with Penny.

16/03/2014 (Report from Jackie Ellis)

What a fantastic morning to be on the Chevin. Twenty runners completed the course and it was great to see a few new faces. Most outstanding newcomer was Benjamin Smith , aged 4 who completed the course,with just a tiny bit of help from his dad on Killer Hill, in an amazing 35.36! I'm assuming this is an age category record. Well done Ben. Many thanks to the marshalls: Bob and Emma Payne, Janice and Gordon Slater and to Becky Wheatley- tail runner. 

09/03/2014 (Report from Carol Senior)
There was a really good turnout for the return of Run Sunday today - twenty five in all! The weather was perfect and there were a lot of smiley faces and lots of buns!! Well done it was lovely to see you all there. 
We would also like to thank our tail runner Andrew Thrippleton and our marshals James Nundy, Brenda, Kirsty Donley and Ian Griffiths. Both David and I look forward to seeing you again soon. The results will be posted soon.

16/02/2014 (Report from Carol Senior)

David and I thoroughly enjoyed acting as race directors for Run Sunday today. What a glorious morning - the sun was shining it was beautiful. I am sure the sixteen runners enjoyed it as much as we did. A big thank you to our marshals, Janice and Gordon Slater, Jim Towers and of course Brenda, our tail runner, (who also made delicious biscuits - thank you!!). Not only did Jamil Parapia and Rob Wilkes come first and second, they also acted as biscuit monitors, fighting to keep the dogs off!  A lovely morning and some excellent running.


Gusty weather and gutsy performances sum up this morning’s event and well done to all 28 runners as well as the supporters and marshals.  Most of all well done to the bakers, Lisa Smedley and Nicola Budding, for providing 5 (FIVE!) boxes of flapjacks for us to tuck into. As Ruth Madoc used to say, “Fab’Lus!”

Thanks as always must go to our team of marvellous (if slightly mad) marshals for braving the wind.  They were David Womersley, Emma Drake, Jim Towers (with Beth), Lisa Smedley and Michelle Smith. Our truly talented tail runner was Lyn Eden.  Great job all of you-I hope you all got flapjack!

Today I’ll start with the women as debutant Lucy Williamson, having never seen the course, stormed in an impressive 20:59 and took 3 minutes 30 off the category record. She was first for the women and sixth overall.  Runs like this are impressive from people who don’t know the Chevin because the course is tough enough as it is to set your pace so to do it blind is pretty good going. Second was regular Rebecca Langdon in 24:19 and third was Helen Nurse in 25:48.

The men put in some amazing performances against a powerful headwind on the (long) invisible incline and the Somme like mud on parts of the course. For Jamil Parapia to cross the line in 17:50 in these conditions was astounding so well done-a great first place. Also great runs from Robin Outtersides, second in 18:32 and third, Dominic Nurse in 19:26.

Then again I’m amazed at how each of you stick it out to the finish with the challenges of wind, rain, giving way to other park users, mounds of aggregate and the ever pervasive mud and then I remember that’s what makes it fun.

First in the doggie derby today was Dora (with James Knox) and our canine course marshal was Beth (with Jim Towers).

Thanks to everyone this morning; its great to see people around the funnel munching on flapjack, chatting and cheering people in; creating that unique Run Sunday atmosphere.  It’s you guys who make it what it is.

Next week will see me and Michelle away in Saltaire organising the Saltaire Shaker Ice Age which all of you are welcome to enter ( ). Run Sunday will be managed by the more than capable Carol and David Senior-I just hope Michelle and me are allowed back after their weekend!

Seriously though we do need marshals for both so please let us know as early as you can if you can help out. At one you are entered into a prize draw and the other you get delicious baking so whichever you choose you are onto a winner! J

As always you’ve made my Sunday morning special and I hope whatever life decides to surprise you with this week you come out on top.

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack

PS Yes I am aware I may have broken the World Record for The Shortest Funnel ever erected! (It won’t happen again.)


Today we have been spoiled! 
A fantastic atmosphere, amazing baking from Brenda Grant, beautiful weather, a tail wind on the home straight and some great running too! Michelle and I also got a lift up to The Chevin from Carol and David Senior-luxury!!
Carol and David were shadowing Michelle and I as they will be event directors for Run Sunday on the 16th February- I think we are in very safe hands.
Our great volunteers today were our tail runner Andrew Thrippleton and our course marshals: Andrew Meskell, Dawn Story, Matthew Kirkham and Michelle Smith. Brenda Grant provided both fairy cakes and delicious truffles. Thanks to you all.
Second overall today and first lady was Claire Cooper who crossed the line in the second fastest ever ladies time of 20:59 bagging herself a category record. Tish Joyce and Helen Robinson finished second and third in 27:18 and 27:55. Well done!
First overall was Andrew Overend who finished in an impressive 18:53 and second and third for the men were Neal Edmondson and Kevin Holmes in 21:39 and 21:50.
We had a great week from the juniors who all ran exceptionally well and two category records were broken. Jenson Brogden took the MJ9 record in an amazing 22:05 and Louise Willoughby took the FJ12 record in 28:09-both debutants too!!
Our doggy derby was won by Albert with Neal Edmondson with Dora second with James Knox. Barclay the dog also ran one lap!
As always you guys were amazing and you reminded me that Sunday mornings are the best time of my week and I thank you all for it.
I hope whatever life throws at you this week you have a great time and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all next time!

All the best and Good Running
Paul Shack


Now I’ve recovered the feeling in my hands I’m glad to report that 26 runners and 6 marshals made it to the Chevin this morning to endure the horizontal sleet and the numb toes and fingers the weather inflicted on us.

Let me thank the lunatics   volunteers who were our tail runners David gatehouse and Hilary Wharam, our course marshals Gordon Slater, Hannah Mallinson, Janice Slater (with Dexter), Michelle Smith and Rob Budding-I hope you are all now warm and dry!  Our guest baker, Carol Gatehouse, pulled off a great vegan treat with her Snap Biscuits.  Thanks to you and to Jackie Ellis for the lift home.

Well there was no avoiding the mud today so we decided to embrace it by making the last ten yards of the run a squelchy, muddy, freezing cold quagmire.  It may have seemed like madness but it ensured the actual finish line and funnel was on less muddy and level ground.  Thank you to Gordon for helping site and set up the funnel.

Newcomer Neil Armitage made an impressive debut by breaking the M40 category record by 46 seconds and he crossed the line first in 17:57. Not too bad in these conditions! Neil Edmondson and Zander Lee were second and third in 19:15 and 20:09 respectively.

For the women our guest baker whizzed home in 24:32 with Emma Drake second in 27:09 and debutant Fay Wilson coming in 27:30.

Considering the dreadful (but fun in a challenging sort of way) conditions I think everyone did really well today.

In the canine competetion Albert triumphed with Faye Wilson in 27:30 and our deputised dog was Dexter with Janice Slater.

I hope your windows are not steamed up from all the wet running gear on radiators and the feeling has returned to all your extremities(!)

It was great to see you all and I hope you have a great week.  See you all soon at Run Sunday!

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack


Of course it’s sunny now while I’m writing the report!!   Hi everyone,

What can only be described as dreich weather welcomed 40 slightly soggy runners and even wetter marshals and spectators but damp squibs you were not!  You all went off like rockets!

Firstly a huge debt of gratitude to our tail runner  Katherine Robertshaw and our  course marshals who were  Anna Murtough (with Kaidyn and Zak Quinlan), Janice Slater (and Dexter), Kat Shepherdson, Michelle Smith and Paul Robson. A huge tin of sweets was provided by Anna Murtough

Our enforced change of finish line and subsequent short funnel created all sorts of fun and games for Michelle and me but despite an air of organised chaos I think we pulled it off thanks to all of your cooperation.

The proper slippy kind of mud, bad air quality and car wash spray rain did not deter our first lady, Leah Forey who breasted the tape in a swift 24:12 and was fourth overall. Second for the ladies was Sarah Tomlinson in 26:59 and Helen Forey finished twelve seconds later in 27:11.  Those positions could have been different but for the fourth lady’s companion, Dylan who decided to have a “pit stop” and slowed Emma Payne down in the process.

Our first male finisher was Matthew Kirkham who, on his first time out despite the conditions, crossed the line in 20:31.  Following for the men was Neil Jones in 22:35 and Gordon Slater in 23:03.  As always great running from everyone.

In the Doggie Derby first was Dora in 25:37 with James Knox, second was the aforementioned Dylan in 27:25 with Emma Payne and third was Puppy with Michelle Mangeolles in 27:52 (t/a).  Our canine marshal today was Dexter (with Janice Slater).

Three junior records fell today!

The first went to Archie Budding who knocked 30 seonds off the MJ7 category and finished sixth overall. Edward Robson has set the standard for the MJ5 category and perhaps the biggest winner today was Emma Wilkinson who signed up only this morning and thought briefly about doing only one lap but then with her mum, Bev, completed the course and got herself a Run Sunday category record.  Well done the Wilkinsons and everyone else for defying the oppressive greyness earlier and brightening up the Chevin if only for an hour or so.

Thanks to Gordon and Janice for the lift home.

Wherever life takes you this week I hope you enjoy it and come out on top.  Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

(Fuzzy finishing photos on facebook)

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack


Happy New Year everyone!

What a great start to the year with 43 runners from just five years old to those over seventy risking frostbitten fingers in a chilly start to 2014.

First let me thank our volunteers who this week were our tail runner Laura Davis with Jaz and our marshals, Andrew Thrippleton (with Olyve),  Jack Robertshaw, Jez Hellewell, Martin and Will Campbell, Michelle Smith and Sara Elliot.

Our 29 minute pacer was David Ellis and our guest baker with some great flapjack was Jane Campbell.

First across the very muddy line in the first run of the new year was Scott Harrington who didn’t let the saturated course slow him down much by finishing in  a time of 17:38.  Next was newcomer Chris Mann recording an impressive 18:44 followed by Simon Anderson in 19:17.  Three sub twenties is amazing considering how crowded the paths were this morning.

For the women, finishing strongly in first was Leah Forey whose 24:47 was a great start to the year and there was a great performance from Rebecca Langdon in 25:09 (she’s really making this run her own!).  Next was welcome returnee Serena Blackburn who finished in 26:12.  Well done to them and to all the runners today.

Two junior category records fell this morning to two newcomers. William Duffield and Edward Robson (whose families only signed up in the last couple of days) both put their names onto the category record holder list.

Only two dogs ran today and  Viz (with Simon Anderson) finished in a great time of 19:17 with Jazz sweeping (with Laura Davies) as our tail runner.  Olyve marshalled (with Andrew Thrippleton).

Thanks to everyone for such a fantastic atmosphere and I’m sorry I didn’t break out the emergency back up lollies in time!

Cheers to Andrew and Karen for the lift home.

I hope whatever you’re doing this week turns out well and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all soon at The Chevin.

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack


Hi everyone!

It was a brisk end to the year for Run Sunday and 36 people took time out from Christmas preparations to enjoy/endure a cool run around The Chevin.  It was great to see you all but as always I must specifically thank our festive marshals who this morning were tail runner Peter Covey and marshals Andrew Thrippleton (with Olyve),  Jacqueline Ellis, Martin and Will Campbell, Michelle Smith,  Tom (Snr) and Tom (Jnr) Robertshaw. There were a couple of volunteering firsts as well with a pacer at 26 minutes in the form of David Ellis (well done on getting within 10 seconds on a tricky to gauge course)and our first male guest baker, John Ellis, who gave us two treats to choose from. Tracy Cratchley also provided some great ginger biscuits so there was loads to tuck into at the end of the run.

Three records today!

First across the line was Boff Whalley who in 20:07 broke his own best time and has achieved a Christmas Number One Record (for his age category). Not too far behind, taking a huge two minutes off the MJ13 record, was Jake Hellwell with 20:37-storming performance! Third was Dan Cobb with 20:50 followed closely by Tom Gatehouse four seconds later.

Our final record went to Tom Campbell who, drawing on his experience of the course last week, took over a minute off the MJ7 record.  Well done.

For the women Louise Riches finished in 23:09 just shaking off Carol Gatehouse’s 23:17 challenge and Sara Elliot nipped in under the 24 minute mark in 23:56. 

As always though it was great running from everyone.

In the Canine Competition Olive finished first in 23:17 (with Carol Gatehouse). Second was Penny (with Tracy Cratchley) in 26:10 and third was Puppy in 26:26 who was accompanied by Michelle Mangeolles.  Our deputised doggie marshal this morning was Olyve with Andrew Thrippleton.

Massive thank you to the Ellises for their thoughtful high percentage alcoholic gift-I can promise you it will be savoured!! Also thanks to Will for the lift home in this chilly weather.

It was a great morning to wrap up the year and I’d like to thank all the runners, marshals, bakers and those that come along to cheer because it is you that make Run Sunday what it is (we can’t do it without you) and make it so much fun for me and Michelle.  Also of course thank you to Michelle for putting up with all this running nonsense and giving up most of her Sunday mornings to take names!

Well we are having a break for a week and will be back on 05/01/2014 so whatever you are up to this Christmas have a great time and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all in 2014!

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack



Holiday winner Ian Griffiths(2nd right) with prize donors

Debbie and Gary Devine and Run Sunday runner, Kirsty Donley

Hi everybody,

The penultimate Run Sunday of the year attracted our biggest turnout of 2013 with 45 runners descending on our Caveman Statue meeting point and what a morning!  A new women’s course record, four other category records, a visit from a former British and English fell running champion, a holiday prize draw and baking worthy of Mary Berry!

Well we avoided the forecast strong winds and the brisk but bright morning made for great conditions to have a little 3 mile run around Otley Chevin Forest Park.  It was great to see so many new faces and welcome back some regular runners too.

First off, let me thank the marshals who this morning were our tail runner,  Brenda Grant and course marshals, Andy and Debra Brown (with Hannah and Emmie), Michelle Smith, Stephen Brennan, Thomas Robertshaw and family, Tracy Cratchley (with Penny) and Tulip Anderson (with Viz). Our guest baker with festive Christmas Tree biscuits and delicious chocolate buns was Melissa Stead.  We can’t do it without you and we really appreciate you turning up even on the chilliest of mornings-you are all heroes!

There was a strong junior contingent this morning with three of our five records falling to the younger runners including the fantastic women’s course record set by Tilly Melechi who, in storming form, took a full 20 seconds off the previous time of 20:58 held by Emma Barclay.  Brilliant running from Tilly finishing sixth overall in 20:38. Second for the women was Louise Riches in 24:19 and third across the line was Sara Elliot, not too far behind, in 24:37.  Well done all of you.

First for the men was Zack Whitehead who has run this course on four occasions finishing first each time and this time took another 34 seconds off his previous best to breast the tape in 17:31.  Second was former British and English fell running champion, Gary Devine who smashed his category record finishing in 18:23 and third was Thomas Feather who signed up only last night and crossed the line in 18:37. Great running.

Fourth overall for the men was Simon Anderson who took a considerable amount off his own category record to finish in 18:43.  Our other two records went to Jake Hellewell who turned in an impressive 22:41 and another youngster, Nathan Fryer, won the battle of the Junior Seven year olds and claimed a category record by finishing in 26:05.

I was really impressed by everyone’s strong finishing today; we saw some great kicking on the home straight and the atmosphere around the funnel with every runner being applauded in was exactly what Run Sunday is all about-well done to everyone.

Gary and Debbie Devine not only put in strong performances today, they also kindly donated the prize of a free week’s half board holiday at their guest house in the Pyrenees ( ) which was won by Ian Griffiths in our prize draw.  Thanks Debbie and Gary and congratulations to Ian!

In the Doggy Derby today Dylan stormed home in 26:57 with Emma Payne (a well-deserved PB for both) and our canine marshal was Penny (with Tracy Cratchley).

I must also thank both Brenda Grant and Peter Covey for their generous gifts; Michelle and I really appreciate them and thanks of course to Neil Fairburn for the lift home!

I hope in the upcoming “hectic-approaching-Christmas” week you all manage to keep your heads and whatever your doing works out well for you and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all next week for the last Run Sunday of 2013!

All the best and good running

Paul Shack


HI everyone,

Sorry about the delay in sending you the results but I’ve been fixing a leaking pipe that saw water coming through the kitchen ceiling!

This morning saw not only a fantastic record breaking run and a great turn out but a presidential visit too.

The high winds earlier this week resulted in a some trees being blown over across the course so Michelle and I got up extra early and as you’ll see in the pictures below made short work of them to ensure we had a navigable route for our runners this morning…


Ah.. if only!  The council did a sterling job of clearing the paths quickly in time for our run (but we did take the saw just in case).

As I mentioned we were graced with a presidential visit this morning as Matt Podd, Otley Athletic Club’s President joined us for a run and he observed, quite rightly, that if it didn’t get any lighter we might need headtorches!

Indeed the weather had been forecast to be calm but a strong and steady wind created some hard going conditions earlier today as it always seemed to be blowing against the runners no matter where they were on the course so well done to each of our 25 hardy folk who turned out this morning.

Our marshals this morning were tail runner David Womersley, who celebrated his 100th run of the year with us, and on the course were Andy and Debra Brown (with Emmie), Eilidh and Gordon Slater (with Dexter),  Julie Brennan, Kate Taverner, Michelle Smith  and Thomas Robertshaw and family.  Thanks to all of you-we simply can’t do it without such great supporters!

First across the line today was Zack Whitehead in a mighty 18:05 followed by newcomer Jamil Parapia who finished in 18:19.  Third and smashing the MJ12 category record by about  three and a half minutes was returning whizz kid Euan Brennan who came home in a swift 18:34.  That’s some impressive running!

For the women, Karen Thrippleton finished in 26:21 with Emma Drake not far behind in 26:45.  Also there was a podium finish for Jane Ellis who crossed the line in a PB of 29:07 (with her typical sprint finish).  Well done all of you!

Our canine competition saw Max cross the line first in 33:17 (with Jane Bellerby) and Flo was second in 35:18 (with Mary Carlisle-oh and Mary you were just 2 seconds off your own category record!).  Our Mutt Marshals were Dexter (with Gordon and Eilidh) and Emmie (with Andy and Debra).

Despite there being no baked goods on offer this week it was a great atmosphere as always so thanks to all of you for turning out on such an overcast morning.

Other news is that next week we will be giving away a week’s half board stay in a Pyrenees guest house, courtesy of Peter Covey’s family, to one lucky runner or marshal (I’m not kidding).  I’ll email everyone about it in the week.

I hope that whatever life decides to throw at you this week you take it easily in your stride and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack 


Hi everyone,

A beautifully temperate morning on the Chevin and you probably noticed the disappearance of some muddy stretches on the lower part of the course; yes the council have filled in the paths.I have mixed feelings as I did like the mud but it added to the good running conditions our thirty runners enjoyed in event 66.

Firstly thanks go to our tail runner, Emma Drake and our marshals, Janice Slater (with Dexter),  Mary Carlisle (with Flo),  Michelle Smith,  Tulip Anderson (with Viz) and Vanessa Groom and we were spoiled for bakers today with Lynn Donohue supplying some appropriate advent Christmas trees, Michelle producing Lebkuchen and a very special cake baked by Tracy Cratchley.  They all disappeared really quickly!

Before we kicked off this morning we took a moment to celebrate Peter Covey’s birthday weekend and his marvellous achievement of running for 60 years(-he must be knackered!) and I’m really grateful to everyone for staying behind to help polish off the birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to Peter.  We also presented him with a Run Sunday shirt.  Happy Birthday Peter!

First across the line today was course record holder Scott Harrington who was just seven seconds off his best. Second, and earning a category record, was Simon Anderson in 18:52 and just twenty seconds behind was Steve Turland with an impressive 19:12.  Well done guys.

For the women, newcomer Fionnuala Swann breasted the tape in 22:18 and was seventh overall gaining herself a new category record by over a minute! Next came Lynn Donohue in 25:44 and regular Pange Srivastava finished in 26:29.  Great running all of you.

The final category record went quite fittingly to Peter Covey who took twenty seconds off his own best. Well done Peter.

This morning also saw the fastest buggy time ever with Neil Holloway pushing Daniel in a storming speed of 23:09-there must be an engine in that thing!! J

Our Doggy Run was won by Penny who was accompanied by Tracy Cratchley (27:06).

A fluorescent yellow 1000 mile hat and a pair of black goretex gloves were left behind today. They join the Meat Puppets t-shirt in our lost property box. If any of these items are yours please let us know.

Thank you everyone for a great morning and OK, our rendition of Happy Birthday isn’t going to get us any record deals but it was great to hear everyone joining in. Cheers!

I hope whatever you’re up to this week it goes well for you, and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

Well it seems The Print & Emboidery Company sponsored league and the WYXC league is missing some great talent as all of our 17 runners finished a tough and muddy course in under 30 minutes this morning. Event 65 saw runners aged from 7 to over 70 tackle our 3 miler in great running conditions and our youngest runner broke a category record by over two minutes!

Firstly thank you to our tail runners who were Tracy Cratchley and Penny and our marshals who were  Andrew Thrippleton (with Olyve), Gordon Slater (with Dexter),  Jackie Ellis and Michelle Smith. Our guest baker was Karen Thrippleton who gave us a choice of wonderfully spicy ginger biscuits and chocolate chip oaties-they were certainly worth the thee miles.  Thanks to all of you-we can’t do it without your help.

Richard Smith returned to the Chevin to deliver a sub 19 minute first place finish in 18:57 followed less than thirty seconds later by Steve Turland  (19:24).  Third was Tom Gatehouse with a solid 20:19.

Fourth overall and equalling her own category record was Emma Stoney in 21:34 who finished first out of the women. Regular runner, modelling the Run Sunday Tech Shirt beautifully, was Pange Srivastava in 26:42 and not too far behind was Karen Thrippleton in 27:20.  Great running all!

Lucia Stoney, with the help of Martin Stoney, broke her own category record by 2 minutes and 10 seconds and still had a big smile on her face at the end.  Well done Lulu-great domestiqueing and encouragement Dad!  Also with a smile on finishing was Thomas Robertshaw whose sheer enthusiasm pushed those behind him to grab a few extra seconds. In fact he was so enthusiastic he broke his age category record by over three minutes. Great going Tom!

The atmosphere this morning was great; all those that had finished stayed and cheered everyone across the line, and it showed with one of the fastest fields we’ve ever had.  Anyway, it made my morning.

Thanks to Andrew, Karen and Olyve for the unexpected but very welcome lift home.

You should all be proud of yourselves after this morning I hope whatever you’re doing this week turns out well.

Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

Despite another smallish event taking place on somewhere called Kirkstall Road we still had 11 discerning runners turning out on a busier than usual Chevin.  Keeping order today were our selfless marshals who were; tail Runner,  Anna Murtough and our course marshals;  Andrew Thrippleton (with Olyve), Janice Slater (with Dexter),  Michelle Smith,  and Peter Murtough. Our guest Baker this week was also Anna Murtough who supplied gluten free goodies for everyone after the run.  Thank you all.

From our small field today, three registered at around nine this morning and two of them broke or equalled category records.  The first of them was Jon Deegan, who, crossing the line first in 18:50 now shares the M45 record with James Tarran.  Second today with an impressive 19:41 was Tom Pratt and third was Shane Green in 20:14. Boff Whalley who finished fourth in 20:18 took over two minutes off the M50 record.  Well done all of you.

Our third new sign up was Alison Weston finishing in 23:37, first for the women and sixth overall. Second was Tracy Cratchley in 26:57 and not too far behind was Helen Robinson in 27:28.  Great running everyone.

Penny was first in the caniine stakes (with Tracy Cratchley) and dog marshals today were were Olyve (with Andrew Thrippleton) and Dexter (with Janice Slater).

A great morning with a great atmosphere as always.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to keep that Sunday morning feeling with you all week?

I hope whatever you’re doing this week it goes well and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

The first truly frosty morning saw a beautiful sunrise and, I daresay, a few of the 27 runners scraping ice of their windscreens this morning before they arrived at a chilly, but glorious, Chevin for Run Sunday.

Thanks first to our marshals who were Andy Brown (with Hannah and Emmy),David Ellis, Janice Slater (with Dexter), Michelle Smith and Pam Byrom.  Petra Bijsterveld was our tail runner and Jackie Ellis presented her delicious Munch to us again.  Thank you all for donning the thermals!

First home today finishing our muddy, waterlogged course in a time of 20:25 was Simon Edgar adding to his tally of wins.  Next in a not too shabby 20:37 was stalwart supporter Tom Potter and regular Andrew Price chased them both in and finished in 21:20.

First lady today taking 30 seconds off her best time was Emma Payne was crossed the line at 27:57, followed by Karen Thrippleton in 28:29 and Clare Boyle with 30:12.  I should also mention our two juniors Max Overend and Lewis Boyle who finished ahead of their mums in 28:34 and 29:13 respectively and Nelson Charlton who helped his Dad, Neil around one lap today in preparation for a glorious return.  Well done everybody!

In the canine run today our winner was Dylan who, with Emma Payne, finished in 27:57 and our dog marshal was Dexter with Janice Slater.

It’s great to see so many people making this a family trip out on a Sunday morning and Michelle and I thank you for your support for Run Sunday.

I hope whatever you’re doing this week, it turns out well and we look forward to seeing you all on a Run Sunday soon.

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

It stayed dry!! Beautifully brisk and windy weather attracted 30 runners to a Chevin filled with water traps and mud pools-we almost had a steeplechase course this morning.  It was great to welcome so many regular and new faces along with some runners we haven’t seen for a while from all over West and North Yorkshire; it’s even better to see everyone getting along so well, chatting before and after the run.

Run Sunday’s super marshals were Anna Murtough, Darryl Stead (and the Steadlets), Michelle Smith, Simon Archer and Zander Lee.  Our tail runner was Simon Edgar (who did a cracking job in difficult conditions) and our guest baker who parachuted in two tins of delicious flapjack was Nicola Millington.  Thanks to all of you; we couldn’t do it without you.

First to cross the line today with a great time of 19:15 was Patrick Cotton followed 16 seconds later by Steve Turland and David McGuire returned in fine form finishing in 19:45.  Also under 20 minutes and breaking his own category record was Ben Archer who finished in 19:59.  Great running.

For the women first to finish and claiming a category record in the process was Lora Hughes with a time of 24:28.  Next came Helen Nurse who breasted the tape in a nifty 25:10 followed close behind by Pange Srivastava in 25:47.  Good stuff!

In the canine stakes first came Jessie (with Alissa Howroyd) and second was Penny (with Tracy Cratchley).

As always it was a great morning with a great atmosphere and nice and muddy to boot.

Thanks everyone for turning out and I hope you have a cracking week.

Thanks to Neil Fairburn for the lift home.

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

What a fast field for a furiously windy day and we were rewarded with some determined running which broke the wome’s course record.

It was great to see 28 runners and three canine competitors speed around a beautifully muddy Chevin this morning.

Our heroic helpers this week were John Ellis as tail runner and our magnificent marshals were  Emma Drake, Jason Praill, Nikki Scott,  Michelle Smith and Simon Archer (with Scooby). Providing treats worthy of a Bake-Off final was our guest baker, Tracy Cratchley. Thanks to all of you for turning out ahead of today’s promised storm.

First across the line today was Scott Harrington, fresh from his fantastic marathon result of 2 hours 38 minutes (this morning it was a speedy 17:45!) followed by Ben Archer in 20:00, a new category record, and then regular podium finisher, Neil Jones (20:09). 

A new course record for the ladies  and breaking her own time by five seconds, Emma Barclay finished first in 20:58!  Great running , Emma. Next was Nicky Hopwood, who, with Lula crossed the line at 25:01 and then came Angela Srivastava in 25:20.

For the canine contingent…

1/ Lula (with Nicky Hopwood)

2/ Penny (with Tracy Cratchley)

3/ Dylan (with Emma Payne)

Dog marshal was Scooby (with Simon Archer)

There was some really good running today and despite the course being a quagmire in places there was a great Run Sunday atmosphere with lots of encouragement.

Michelle and I hope you all have a great week!

Happy Hallowe’en!

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

Despite there being several large scale events taking place across Yorkshire, Run Sunday managed to drag 21 local runners out of bed along with a posse of willing volunteers who were our tail runner,  Katie Phillips and our marshals:  Hannah Mallinson (with Suzie and Emily), Janice Slater (with Dexter),  John McIlquham, Mel Wrigley and  Michelle Smith. The guest baker with cookies the size of the moon was Katie Phillips (scrumptious!).

First across the line today was Zander Lee in 20:10 followed by Simon Edgar (20:23) and Richard Sayers (21:16).  For the ladies first was Alissa Howroyd in 25:14 then Charlotte Tomlinson (25:35 and a new category record) and Petra Bijsterveld in 28:26.  Great running everybody.

I hope you all have a great week!

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

Chillier today than of late but that didn’t stop 20 autumnal runners traversing the famous  Chevin Forest 3 mile Run Sunday.

Today our heroes were our tail runner  Suzanne Hague and our marshals who were  Janice Slater, Martin Stoney, Michelle Smith, Simon Edgar (with Ollie and Amelie) and Tracy Cratchley (with Penny). Supplying the richest of chocolate treats was our guest baker, Petra Bijsterveld. Thank you all.

First across the line in the drizzly weather today was David Womersley who in 22:19 was just under 40 seconds ahead of Peter Covey (22:57) and just over a minute in front of Gordon Slater who finished in 23:22.  Great running from all three of you.  For the women, Madeleine Watson crossed first in 25:37 with Emma Drake second in 26:30 and Nikki Scott in 27:03.  Good stuff.

A newcomer Lily Hart claimed the FJ9 category record with a solid 38:56 guided round by Suzanne!  Well done Lily!

It was a great atmosphere this morning with fantastic runners right across the age spectrum.  Thank you all.

I hoppe whatever you’re up to this week you have a cracking time and Michelle and I are looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack


Hi there,

The first run of October and perhaps the last warm week we can expect for some time saw some great performances from our 30 runners including three category records, a turbo charged breakaway tail runner and James Tarran breaking his 19 minute target by a large margin.

First off as always let me thank our marshals who this week were  Liz Buck, Michelle Smith, Neil Fairburn, Peter Murtough and Scott Harrington (with Oliver and Tilly). Our guest baker was Anna Murtough and our tail runners started off as David Gatehouse and Hilary Wharam (more of this in a moment).  Thanks to you all; Run Sunday is an impossibility without your help.

After weeks of determined trying James Tarran reached his target of breaking 19 minutes on the Chevin Course coming home first in 18:50 and bagging a category record to boot.  Well done James!  Second was newcomer Jamie Huchinson who was neck and neck with Mr Tarran on the first lap and finished in a great 19:09 with Jonathan Forey not far behind with 19:12. Fast times lads; good running.  Our second category record went to another newcomer Peter Covey who, having only signed up last night, shaved 7 seconds off Malcolm Cole’s current best for M70. Great stuff!

For the women, Leah Forey added to her growing list of first finishes with a near to her PB time of 23:38 followed closely by Sara Elliot who, with a time of 24:05, grabbed the third category record of the day.  Third was Alissa Howroyd in a time of 26:07 and was running with Jessie, not Penny as I wrote last week. Apologies to Alissa and Tracy Cratchley, but more importantly to Jessie and Penny!

We started with two tail runners as it was David Gatehouse’s first run at the Chevin and he understandably wanted to test the water first so he accompanied Hilary Wharam for most of the first lap but having got a taste for it managed to move up the field a bit and finish in an impressive 35:40. Well done David!  It’s not that bad is it? Spread the word!

Today in the canine league, first was Jessie with Alissa Howroyd and second came Jazz with Laura Davies.  Our dog marshal today was Tilly accompanied by Scott and Oliver Harrington.

All in all it was a show of great running this morning with some cracking encouragement (I have to mention Neil Jones again this week here-great stuff) and I’ll be sad to lose a few runners such as Jane Ellis for the next few months to university.  I have encouraged her to set up a Run Sunday where she’s studying!

Thanks to everyone for making this another memorable Sunday morning. Have a great week and Michelle and I are looking forward to seeing you all again on a Run Sunday soon!

All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

Will I be able to marshal with bare feet for much longer?  The weather is certainly being very kind to us considering we enter October on Tuesday.

The Horsforth 10K may have thinned our field a bit but we had 23 runners turn up to run our course with a mixed bag of new faces, regulars and some people we welcomed back after quite an absence; it was great to see all of you.

First of all I have to thank our magnificent marshals who today were Petra Bijsterveld as Tail Runner and our marshals who were Andrew Byrom, Jonathan Forey, Kaitlyn Harris, Michelle Smith, Nicola Millington(with the Millingtonettes) and Pam Byrom. Supplying some amazing Plum Tray Bake and mouthwatering Plum Chocolate Brownies was this week’s guest baker Nicola Millington.  Thank you to everyone for giving up their Sunday morning.

Despite the lovely weather we had poor air quality and some extra obstacles on the course so well done to everyone for dealing with them.

First today was last week’s tail runner, Simon Edgar, who breasted the tape in an impressive 20:18.  He was followed by first category record breaker of the day, George Barnes in 21:00 and third crossing a congested with dogs) finish line was regular Steve Robinson in 21:30.  Well done guys!

First for the ladies with a strong sprint finish was Leah Forey in 23:32, followed by the returning Nicky Hopwood in 25:18 (great to see you again Nicky!) and then in third, Alissa Howroyd in 25:43. Alissa crossed the line with Jessie who once again took first canine position!

Two other category records were broken today.  Malcolm Coles broke his own record despite the mound of aggregate on the course for the third week running and Tom Harris set the standard in his category.

A fantastic atmosphere was helped along by some great trackside and finish line encouragement provided during the run by Neil Jones and then by everyone as they finished.

A big thank you to Jonathan Forey for the fantastic photos (on the facebook page) and also to Andrew and Pam for the lift home.

Michelle and I hope you have a cracking week and we look forward to seeing you on a Sunday morning soon!

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

Today Run Sunday played host to an Australian contingent and we enjoyed a throwback to summer with really warm sun and our 26 starters managed between them three category and one new course record.

Our volunteers this week were Liz Buck, Louise Higgins, Michelle Smith and Steve Robinson and our tail runner was Simon Edgar.  Thanks to all of you and another thank you goes to Liz Buck who, along with one of our antipodean running guests, Liv Richardson, baked some delicious chocolate brownies and flapjacks; we were really spoiled today!(And Liv, they really weren’t too heavy J)

For the second week in a row the women’s course record was broken: this week Emma Barclay knocked half a minute of Emma Stoney’s standing record finishing in 21:03, first for the women and fourth overall. Well done Emma.  Second for the women (smashing her own category record by fifteen seconds) was Maya Hird who crossed the line in 24:07 and third was Madeleine Watson in 25:26.  Great running all.

For the men this week saw the return of course record holder, Scott Harrington, who crossed the line in an impressive 17:38 (even more impressive as he was fitting Run Sunday into a 20 mile run this morning!) followed by Oliver Watson in 19:19 and third was, no stranger to the podium, Ali Nash in 20:04. Sixth overall was Malcolm Coles who further reduced the time on his category record to 23:30.

In the canine stakes, Jessie took first place with Alissa Howroyd.

It was great to see runners from right across the globe this morning come together to celebrate the wonderful weather and have a little jaunt around the Chevin. It was great to meet you (even those who hid in the bushes!)

I hope you all have a great week and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all again on an upcoming Sunday morning.

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack

Hi everyone,

We may not have beaten the GNR on entrants or media coverage but we beat it hands down on price, atmosphere and most of all baked goods!

The threat of being blown away by gale force winds brought out our largest field for several weeks with 31 intrepid runners and Penny completing the Run Sunday route and we saw a new women’s course record set as a result of an epic battle between Emma Stoney and Tilly Melechi.  More of that in a moment.

Firstly, I must make special mention of the marshals today, who rallied round at the eleventh hour to make sure we put the run on. They were Alice and Bekki Wheatley, David and Maya Gatehouse, Jane Ellis, Melvyn Burton and Suzanne Wallwork.  Our tail runner was Stewart Pope.  I say special mention as Jane had a streaming head cold and Suzanne is heavily pregnant with her baby due in the next ten days!  It just shows the calibre of people who turn out and it makes me feel very honoured that they’d give their time to volunteer and make this little Sunday run on the Chevin possible. Thank you all.

The weather this morning, as John Ellis mentioned to me, is a taster of the colder weather to come but it didn’t stop six category records being broken, one of those being the women’s course record.  It was obvious as Tilly Melechi  lead Emma Stoney at the start of the second lap that this was going to be a close finish.  In the end, despite Tilly breaking her own category and course record, it was Emma who finished first setting the new women’s time to beat at 21:34 with Tilly nine seconds behind(and finishing sixth and seventh overall).  It was a privilege to watch; well done, both of you.  Third for the women was Carol Gatehouse who in 22:57 finished eleventh overall and broke her own category record by some margin. Great running!

It may have been the promise of Jane Ellis’s really tasty gingerbread men; it may have been the tail wind on the finishing stretch but today we had a fast field and that was reflected in Zack Whitehead crossing the line at 18:24 according to the photo stopwatch a good 51 seconds ahead of James Tarran who at 19:15 broke his own category record too.  Third and fourth, both finishing in 19:21, were newcomer Simon Edgar (who signed up at 8:30 this morning) and regular podium finisher, Tom Gatehouse.  Good running guys!

Our other records went to Nathan Forey who finished in 25:16 and seems to be breaking his category record every week at the moment and stalwart runner Malcolm Coles came to reclaim his M70 record in a time of 24:03.

I’ve attached the blurry finishing photos as a pdf for you to have a look at.  They’ll be on the facebook page as well.

In the canine corner first was last week’s dog marshal Penny with Tracy Cratchley.

All in all, despite having to shelter in the trees to avoid the wind while waiting for the start it was an absolutely cracking morning with a mix of regular and new faces and the now famous Run Sunday friendly atmosphere provided by you the runners so thank you to everyone who made our event a part of your morning earlier on.

I’d also like to thank everyone for their good wishes for Michelle’s speedy recovery (she’s quite ill at the moment) and I’m sure she’ll be there next week.

In the mean time I hope you all have a fabulous injury free week and you are all ready to take on next weekend’s Run Sunday!

Big thank you to Richard Schmidt for the lift home.

All the best and good running.

Paul Shack

PS One of the runner’s today bemoaned the fact that there really weren’t enough hills on our course. 


Hi everyone,

What, on waking, looked to be a colder day than we’ve been used  to at Run Sunday turned out to treat our 30 runners to warm sunshine which appeared just before the participants did and departed just as we were packing up!

Initially thank you to our great marshals who this week were Anna Murtough, Michelle Smith (also baker of traditional and gluten free biscuits this week), Tom Gatehouse and Tracey Cratchley with Penny who kept our runners on the right track.  Thanks to all of you-we can’t do it without your help.  

This week saw 4 adult and two category records fall: the first went to Paul Tiffany who crossed the line at the head of the field  in 17:31 followed half a  minute later by Chris Lyons who with Indy finished in 18:06.  The second record went to regular podium finisher Jonathan Forey who took third for the men with 19:06.

First for the women today saw newcomer Maya Hird take the FJ16 category record in 24:22 with Madeleine Watson and Lynn Donohue coming second and third in 25:19 and 25:41.

The other records that were broken on our relatively young new course went to Jack and Kathleen Robertshaw  and also to Nathan Forey who improved on his own best by some margin.

In the dog stakes today it went as follows

1st/ Indy with Chris Lyons

2nd/ Georgie with Suzanne Hague

3rd/ Shadow with Nicola Short

Dog Marshal was Penny with Tracey Cratchley.

I hope you all have a cracking week and thank you for supporting.

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack


HI everyone,

What a blustery start to September and the slightly chiller Chevin welcomed 28 keen runners and four determined dogs to event number 53.  The drop in temperature helped to ensure that five category records fell today.

First of all I’d like to thank our tail runner John Ellis and our marshals who were Emma Drake, Jane Ellis, Maya Gatehouse, Michelle Smith and Tim Williams and we should definitely not forget Carol Gatehouse who treated us to some appropriately packaged delicious date slices.  Thank you all!

For the men today first across was familiar face Jonathan Forey who finished in a lean 19:29 followed by newcomer Zander Lee who only signed up a few days ago and breasted the tape in 19:47, not too shabby. Third was, no stranger to the podium, Tom Gatehouse whose time was 20:40. Well done all.

For the women first was our guest baker who with Olive finshed in  just 23:23 breaking her own category record in the process.  Jacqueline Ackroyd, second, also broke a category record today finishing in 24:47 and third across was stalwart runner Leah Forey in 25:32.

The other category records that fell went to Martin Gebbett who took over 10 seconds off his own course best and newcomers Connor Webster and Mary Carlisle whizzed round to secure their respective categories.

Today we also had a small Canix event and the results are as follows

1/ Olive with Carol Gatehouse

2/ Jessie with Alissa Howroyd

3/ Penny with Tracy Cratchley

4/ Flo with Mary Carlisle.

The atmosphere today was just fantastic and there was some great running.  Thank you all.

I hope you all have a great week and Michelle and I are looking forward to seeing you all again on a Sunday soon,

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

Yesterday morning on the Chevin saw a host of new faces, some great finish line battles and plans for a recipe book.

First of all let me thank our great marshals. Our Tail Runners were Hilary Wharam and Violet Gill and our marshals were David Ellis, Jacqueline Ellis, John Parkinson, Les Thompson, Michelle Smith, Suzanne Wallwork and Tom  Gatehouse

Our guest baker was Jacqueline Ellis and we all had a chance to have a taste of her delicious “munch” and it was so good everybody came back for seconds! I had my hand in her box three times but it was my birthday! People were asking for the recipe so we are thinking of putting together a pdf of the different treats we’ve had at the end of the funnel.

Thanks to all of you; we can’t do it without you!

First over the line today was Joel Giddings who held off Ian Sanderson by finishing in 19:26 to Ian’s 19:30.  An even closer battle took place between third place James Tarran with 19:59 whose sprint finish proved just too quick for Paul Tranter in 20:01.

For the women Madeleine Watson finished a strong first in 24:56 with Sara Elliot in 25:25 and Emma Drake third in 25:50.  Great running everyone!

Three category records fell today; first went to David Womersley who was chasing down a sub 22 and finished in an agonisingly close 22:02 ( I think sub 22 is on the cards soon though).  Second went to seven years old Max Overend who took his record with 28:46 and last one was taken by Christine Robinson. 

The atmosphere yesterday was just great and was a lovely start to my birthday (that’s why the results are a day late this week)

I hope everyone has a cracking week and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all again next Sunday.

All the best and good running

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

The great thing about Run Sunday (and I know you hear me say this all the time) is that we’re like a drop in centre to be used whenever you guys need a run out; it means every Sunday brings a unique mix of runners from the 668 who have signed up so far. This week was no exception and into the melting pot went faces we hadn’t seen for a while, regulars, semi regulars and even on-the-day sign ups.  It all made for a great atmosphere this morning.

I’d like to extend Run Sunday’s thanks to the entire Mason family (Claire, Jonathan and Michael) who along with Michelle Smith and the stalwart Tim Williams marshalled the course during the run and to our tail runners Bekki Wheatley and Alice.  Also a mention must be made about this week’s guest baker Emma Drake who supplied everyone with some delicious Rocky Road (quite appropriate for parts of the course!).  Thanks to all of you.

Two Joe’s took first and second for the men today with Joe Webster finishing strongly in 20:08 and Joseph Derry following in 21:37.  Gavin Hogg smashed his own category record by over a minute to take third male (and fourth overall) crossing the line in 22:57.

Nikki Scott, who only signed up at ten o’clock last night, was first for the women (and third overall) in a category record time of 22:48 with Madeleine Watson and Emma Drake taking second and third in 25:31 and 26:07 respectively.

Two other category records fell today to Alexandra White and Graham Breeze-well done both!

Anyway it’s great to see such a turnout in the middle of the summer hols and even better to see friendly faces on a Sunday morning and share some cake!

I hope that whatever you’re doing this week turns out fine and dandy and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

Records aplenty fell this morning on the fiftieth Run Sunday outing and for the first time in over a year we got a proper, if brief, dousing. Twenty nine runners aged from  as young as seven to over eighty took part in the fifth run on our new course and it was a great display of running.

Thanks first go to our magnificent marshals who were tail runners Peter Branney and Poppy the Schnoodle and course marshals  Alexandra White , Don Stead, Louise Higgins, Martin Stoney (with Esme), Michelle Smith and Suzanne Wallwork.

First across the line today in an impressive 18:25 was John Shanks and second was Simon Anderson who without regular running companion, Viz got round in 19:14 (t/a) with regular top three finisher James Tarran coming home in 19:35.  Great running guys and both Simon and James grabbed category records  too!

First for the ladies was Gill Myers who by finishing in 23:11 also took an age category record with Emma Drake second in 26:49 and newcomer Tracy Wightman coming third in 28:51.

The other category records that fell today went to Martin Gebbett, Gavin Hogg, Jack Calvert, Sheila Ely, Lucia Stoney and Gordon “The Running Fox” Booth!

It was a great morning all round and thank you to everyone who came to run, volunteer and encourage.

I hope you all have a great week and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all again next week.

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack 


Hi everyone,

Yesterday saw a slightly smaller field than usual as a lot of regular Run Sunday runners went to Saltaire to run in the Shaker but we were not deterred!

Initially thank you to our wonderful marshals who were Jane Ellis, Liz Buck and  Les Thompson; our tail runner was Jacqui Ellis.

Only two runners conquered the route today but it proves that we'll keep Run Sunday going no matter what the numbers are.

So well done to Paul Tranter and Petra Bijsterveld for keeping the Chevin spirit alive.

We hope you have a great week and look forward to seeing you all next Sunday.

John and Lynda Parkinson.


Hi everyone,

A changeable day weather wise; torrential rain on waking, strong winds on walking up to Otley Chevin, drizzle as we checked the course and then bright sunshine as our 22 stalwart runners arrived for Run Sunday number 48.

Firstly, a huge thank you to our marshals Michelle Smith, Richard Schmidt, Suzanne Wallwork, Tim Williams and our tail runner John Parkinson (more of him later)-we can’t do it without you guys.

It was great to see so many new faces; some from as far as Coventry, welcome back some people we’ve not seen for a while and say “Hi” to regular runners.

I did another straw exit (funnel) poll about the new course and feedback remains positive and since we need fewer marshals for this route it’s working out well.  It was also good to see runners able to sit down on grass in the sunshine after their runs and enjoy Michelle’s marvellous biscuits.

First today with a storming performance was Scott Harrington who tore up the new route setting the time to beat with a course record of 17:12 and in second was Peter Branney (who held the last course record jointly with Scott) in 18:00 and third newcomer David Alcock with 18:49 (a M35 category record).  All fantastic times!  Well done guys.

Louise Higgins breasted the tape in 24:26 taking a new category record on her first run out on the new route with Pange Srivastava in second with 25:11 and a welcome return for Madeleine Watson saw her cross the line in 26:58. Her companion Gill Myers came in a second later with a new category record for F50.  Not to be outdone the M50 record fell too to regular Neil Fairburn.  Well done all!

Next week Michelle and I will be away down the road in Saltaire organising The Saltaire Shaker but the great news is that John and Lynda Parkinson have agreed to organise next week’s Run Sunday so I expect a great turnout to support them both.  Huge thank you from both me and Michelle; we’re sure you’ll do a great job!

I hope you all have a great week and wherever you’re running next Sunday, good luck!

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack

PS Thanks Terry for the lift home.


Hi everyone,

This morning saw, what I’m told is going to be, a brief respite in the glorious sultry conditions we’ve had of late and despite the Harrogate 10K and the Puma Pudsey 10K being on Run Sunday managed to attract 25 lithe limbed runners. 

First, as always, let me thank the fantastic marshals who this week were Jez  Hellewell (with Rosie), the biking Kat Shepherdson, Mercedes Martin (with wood sprite Carmen), Michelle Smith and Peter Murtough .  Our tail runner was Anna Murtough and this week’s biscuits were supplied by the Murtough household.  Great job as always!

Grey, drizzly cloud and the cooler conditions made for a fast field today with everyone home by just over 33 minutes which is some going.  First round our new course today was Simon Anderson who with canine companion, Viz, broke the tape at 19:38; Brian Goodison followed within half a minute in 20:07 and Andrew Price was third with a time of 20:46.  Great running and Simon and Brian both took category records home with them as well.

First for the women with a new female course record was the indomitable Tilly Melechi who stopped the clock at 21:48; Emma Drake came second for the ladies in 26:34 and Sue Harris was third with a category record of 27:00.

Other records went today too, so well done to Alex Irvine, David Womersley, Jack Calvert and Jacqueline Ellis who all now have the records in their respective categories.

It looks as though the new start location and course is really working well with runners able to congregate before and after the race and have a more exclusive space in the meadow bit and I get to see you going round too so I think we will definitely stick with it!

I hope you have a cracking week and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

Considering that the big Leeds JT 10K was on this morning and that people on their way to the Chevin might have been put off a run in the sun by the fact Carlton Lane was melting(!) I was really pleased to welcome 28 runners and their supporters to the scorched earth that was our course this morning.  Thanks got first of all to our marshals who this morning were Darryl Stead (with Lola, Harry and Max), Emma Stoney (and Esme), Helen Lally, Michelle Smith and our tail runner today (and guest baker-I had more than I should), Melissa Stead. Thanks also to Dave Robson who organised the Otley Mini Mountain Festival (of which we were a part this morning) and arrived extra early to help out.

This morning, as the council had moved the aggregate and re surfaced some of the Chevin paths, we decided to experiment with our new route with changed finish position and Michelle and I are grateful for the overwhelmingly positive feedback that our new two laps generated so we’ll be sticking with it.  It allows us a muster point that is well out of the way of the paths, gives us a finish line off all main paths, means we can see you all at the half way point and makes for a more varied course.

The introduction of the new course also means that 15 course and category records fell today as you’ll see in the attached pdf.

First over the line today was Zack Whitehead with a great sub nineteen time of 18:48 followed by David Ellis (19:17) and Paul Tranter (20:03).  For the women Carol Gatehouse conquered the new course with Olive in a scorching 24:15 with Pange Srivastava in 25:30 and Katie Phillips in 26:35.  Great to see runners of seven and eight this morning storming round the course right up to our Male and Female 70 categories being represented too. Big thank you for the baking of some superlative chocolate chip cookies from Melissa Stead which didn’t melt.

Add to that the fact that walking home Michelle and I saw four or five red kites circling over the fields adjacent to the road and it was a really wonderful morning.

I hope that you enjoy whatever you get up to this week and Michelle and I am looking forward to seeing you all next time.

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack

PS I’ll be jigging the website a bit this week so the new records won’t be going up immediately (the results still will though)


Hi everyone,

Gorgeous weather, great field! Marvellous to see that 16 brave souls managed to manoeuvre past the Eccup 10 road blocks and grace our little run and that a third of the runners were newcomers.

Initially thank you to our volunteers who this week were mostly of the Ellis variety (David, Jacqui and Jane to be exact) and the tremendous tail running force that is “Horsforth” Hilary Wharam! Also thank you to Anna Murtough for volunteering.

First to cross the line in the baking heat was James Tarran in a spritely 19:34 (his third first position) and less than 50 seconds later Tom Gatehouse rabbed second place with another Tom (Bellamy) close behind.

For the women, a victorious return for Tilly Melechi who in these challenging conditions finished in 21:58 with Anna Murtough second and Nicola Short (with Shadow) third in her first time out.

Well done to everyone today especially those who had a few wobbles but stuck it out until the end; great going!

It occurred to me this morning as I was checking the course for obstructions with Michelle that when Run Sunday has a smaller field and the runners are stretched out it is likely you might find yourself running alone.  If that’s the case try filtering out the sound of your footfalls, your breathing and your heart and just listen to the Chevin as you run; it’s a very special experience and part of why I like the Chevin so much.

Thanks to everyone for staying at the finish line and cheering runners follow you home-in this weather that makes a huge difference!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and Michell and I are looking forward to seeing you all next week when we are part of the Otley Mini Mountain festival.

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

A great turnout on a day of changeable weather (but always muggy) saw four category records fall and the course record equalled in a show of determined running.

Initially thank you as always to our tail runners who were Lynda Parkinson with Izzy in her sports chariot (that must be some workout!) and our marshals were Brenda Grant, Helen Lally, Joe Webster, Michelle Smith and Petra Bijsterveld. We also had a guest baker in Gemma Harrington who brought along some, it was unanimously agreed delicious, flapjack-a perfect post run treat.

Before the start two people told me they hoped for records and both came through; the first man on a mission was Scott Harrington who equalled the course record matching Peter Branney’s time of 16:58 with a tremendous surge in the last 100 metres.  Second and third across for the men were James Tarran (19:36) and David Ellis (19:41) who have both previously finished first. (Welcome back from the States, David).  Fourth across was our second MOAM (man on a mission) was Phil McGeever who claimed the M50 record by quite a margin finishing in 20:16.  Well done all.

Not to be outdone the women produced three record breakers and first across the line was Serena Blackburn who has set the time to beat wih a new record for the F45s finishing in 23:19. Second finisher was the previous  record holder, Helen Nurse, who finished in 25:13 followed by Claire Fisher in 26:01. Great running!

So that leaves two records; the first went to Rosie Nurse who shaved some time off her FJ16 record and last and by no means least was newcomer “Horsforth” Hilary Wharam who claimed the F70 record for herself.  Well done you two!

It was great to see you all today and thanks for all the great running!  Also thank you to Malcolm Coles for his thoughtful gift of wine, to Gemma for the much appreciated flapjack and as always to Will for the lift home.

Well I hope you all have a cracking week and Michelle and I are looking forward to seeing you all next time.

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack

23/06/2013 The Anni-Re-Versary Run!

Hi everyone,

Well a year later and we’re still here, we’re still small, but beautiful, and we still have the best course, marshals, runners and supporters in all of Yorkshire.

A big thank you to our tall tail runner,  Andrew Byrom and our marvellous marshals: Duncan Burgess, Joe Derry, Liz Buck, Michelle Smith, Neil Wallace and Paul Tomlinson. We can’t do it without you!

This week the fiendish Forey boys had an evil plan just to celebrate our first birthday; they came up with the Amazingly Awesome and Achingly Arduous Anni-Re-Versary Run!  So this week instead of the “Killer Hill”, we had the “ Murderous Mudslide”.  Everyone found it tougher so I promise we will only do this very rarely.

Returning (just in time) course record holder Peter Branney conquered the harder Run Sunday route in 18:12 with Gareth Ward, newcomer Andrew Price and regular Tom Gatehouse  finishing second, third and fourth , all under 21 minutes (no mean feat this way round) in 19:41,20:32 and 20:43.  Great running guys.

For the women, Pange Srivastava crossed the line first in 24:57 with Janey Rodgers finishing in 26:16 on her first run out and Sarah Tomlinson finishing strongly in 26:25.

The Foreys, Lewis and Nathan, came in 24:59 and 25:07.  When they were asked if we should do the run in reverse again, you’ll be glad to know, they said, “No!”

It was great to see so many new faces today (eight in total) but also the stalwart supporters who’ve visited us throughout our first year; Don and Melissa Stead, Richard Schmidt and Vanessa Groom who were all there at the start, Bekki and Martin Wheatley along with Pange Srivastava and Petra Bijsterveld who have more recently become regulars and another big thank you to Will Warboys, the Tomlinsons and the Foreys who, if they claimed petrol money from Michelle and me, could bankrupt us!

Most of all thank you to Michelle for supporting Run Sunday from the start and surprising me by not leaving me over it (oh and the cakes!)

Here’s to another year!

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

A muggy morning on the Chevin saw 32 robust runners and eight marvellous marshals come together for Run Sunday 42 (the answer this week to life , the universe and everything).  Firstly, as always, a huge debt of thanks go to our tail runner Petra Bijsterveld and our marshals, Bridget Barr, Clare Brear, Duncan and Hannah Burgess, Gareth Ward, Michelle Smith and Will Worboys.  Thanks guys; we can’t do it without you.  If anyone reading this has the irresistible urge to volunteer-you can! right here ttp:// :D

It was great to see so many new faces, welcome some regulars and play host to the Bradford MAMILs on tour (Middle Aged Men In Lycra); it was a fantastic turnout and great atmosphere.

First today was James Tarran in 20:01, a clear 42 seconds ahead of anyone, followed by a determined and strong finishing Tom Gatehouse and in third came Steve Robinson with 21:15.  Our fourth overall finisher was eight year old(!) Theo Clay, who has smashed the MJ8 record for the course, coming in 22:01(and Jim, his dad, came in a second or two later).  Fantastic running all!

For the women the top two positions were exactly the same as last week with Leah Forey and Pange Srivastava coming in 23:59 and 24:44. Leah’s mum Helen Forey came in a strong third just after the indomitable Nathan and Lewis Forey with a time of 25:45. Well done.

The second record that fell today went to Annabel Hague who took a huge chunk off the FJ8 category finishing in an impressive 32:29 cheered on by everyone!

Only two runners in our Canix section this week who finished joint first; Freddie and Georgie both crossed the line after 32:32 with their trainer Suzanne.

Thanks to everyone who, as usual, made this Run Sunday a pleasure to be a part of. Particular thanks to the Foreys for helping Michelle and I take down the funnel and also for the very much appreciated lift home.

I hope you all have a cracking week and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all at Run Sunday 43 (which is kind of our birthday as we started last year on June 24th!)

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

Many of you are probably aware that parkrun recently had a Mob Run locally. Well today Run Sunday went one better and hosted, “The Meeting of the Five Famillies” (Godfather fans will know what I mean); between them they control all running in the Leeds and Bradford district! :D Represented were the Fearsome Foreys, the Give ‘em Hell Hellewells, the Deadly Steads, the Stone Cold Stoneys and the Tommy Gun Tomlinsons.

Seriously it was great to see so many different generations running together and a third of our starting field this week were juniors. Some decided to go hard for just one lap so well done to Georgia and Helen Tomlinson with newcomer Amy Dunne (who have all solemnly promised to do two laps next week) and also to Rosie and Sharon Hellewell.  In July with the help of Dave Robson we will be running a one off event with times for one and two lap runs which is where I know you’ll all shine!

Thanks to all our runners for the round of applause you gave our marshals who this week were Andrew Byrom, Emma Stoney (and Esme), Helen Forey, Jane Ellis, Michelle Smith and Rebecca Wheatley (with Alice).  Our determined tail runners were Sarah Tomlinson and Bridgit Barr.

Crossing the line first today in a solid 18.19 was newcomer Alan Brydon and pushing hard behind was Jez Hellewell in 18.46 who described Alan as a “purple blur!”. Jacob Hellewell took almost half a minute to reduce the MJ13 category record to 20.33 and come in third-well done guys!

For the women was Leah Forey first again (21 category firsts and 14 first lady positions now) in 23.00 with Angela Srivastava and newcomer Janet Glynn, separated by only 18 seconds, coming in 24.55 and 25.03 respectively-great running!

For the dogs first across the line was Jazz (with Neil “The Scot” Wallace) in 25.06, followed by Penny (with Tracy Cratchley) in 26.17 and then Dylan (with Emma Payne), back from injury and making a few stops coming in a respectable 27.32.  Peppa (with the Tomlinsons) came in after one lap.

Once again it’s a big thank you to all of you for creating such an energised and positive atmosphere cheering in runners who finish after you; you all make it what it is!

Special thanks go to Tracy Cratchley (and daughter) who supplied the scrummy biscuits, the Foreys and Will for helping us take down the funnel and to the same Will Worboys for the lift home. (Thanks to the Tomlinsons for the offer as well).

As always I hope you all have a cracking week and hope whatever you’re doing goes well. Michelle and I are looking forward to seeing you all next time at Run Sunday 42!

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

Gorgeous weather, a large (for us) field, a great atmosphere, jam scones and a storming new course record made Run Sunday Big Four-O a great morning.

Fantastic to see so many familiar stalwarts trundle up to the Chevin and it was brilliant to welcome some new faces along too (especially the Temple Newsam parkrun expeditionary force who did a quick tour of the park before finding us!)

Thanks as always to our crack team of marshals who this morning were Andrew Byrom, Georgia Tomlinson,  Jane Ellis,  Michelle Smith, Neil Holloway, Rebecca Wheatley (and Alice) and our super sweeper Will Worboys and I know three of them did a bit of snapping too so we might see some photos on the facebook page soon!

As far as the running goes, well it seems 17 minutes is so last year as our new course record is 16:58 courtesy of newcomer Peter Branney beating the previous course best by 30 seconds. Well done Peter. Scott Harrington also came in 15 seconds in front of Nick Charlesworth’s standing 17:28 record which is a phenomenal time and Jonathan Forey broke his own category record by quite a margin to take the third podium spot.  Great running guys!  Keeping it in the family first home for the women was Leah Forey putting in a solid performance and who now has 20 first lady runs under her belt which is amazing and her mum, Helen Forey took 14 seconds off her personal best to finish second followed less than 15 seconds later by Sarah Tomlinson who took over half a minute off her fastest time.

Getting faster and faster, again breaking his own category record, was Arthur Turner who is whittling away his time every week finishing today in 23:13.  Well done Arthur!

We all know that Run Sunday has a very special spirit and its always great to hear runners who have finished cheer those following home but a special mention today must go to Tracy Cratchley who (along with Penny her canine running companion) stopped to help a fallen runner today.  Thanks Tracy and Penny; that’s what Run Sunday is all about.

Well I had a great time this morning and you guys, marshals and runners, should all be really proud of what you make happen each and every Sunday.

Quick thank you to Michelle for the above and beyond gorgeous jammy scones and to the Tomlinsons for once again giving us a lift.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all again next Sunday!

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

What a beautiful morning to turn out and slog your guts out on a tough little three miler! A great field of 22 runners, our brilliant marshals and lots of wonderfully vocal support around the course made this morning extra special and finally we have some nice weather!

Our marshals today were Carla Tomlinson, Emma Stoney (and Esme), Georgia Tomlinson,  Helen Tomlinson, Joe Derry, John Parkinson(with Izzy who also ran a bit),  Michelle Smith, Rebecca Wheatley (and Alice).  Our tail runner today was Toni Midgley.  Thanks to all of you!

First across the line was Darren Midgley in an impressive 18:34, almost a three minute advantage over Tom Gatehouse, second in 21:28 (he’s got quite a collection of podium finishes though!) and third for the men, helped by Peppa, was Paul Tomlinson in 23:27.  Holding off Paul for third overall and first woman was the indomitable Leah Forey with a storming finish of 23:23 and threatening Angela Srivastava’s category record was Louise Higgins in 24:43 just ahead of Angela who, today, finished in 25:56.

Two records today; first Arthur Turner smashed his own category record coming in on 23:50 and Lucia Stoney now has two category records adding FJ7 to her list.  Great running everyone.

A special thank you to Carla who did a sterling job taking names and keeping runners in check in the funnel and to Georgia and Helen for not only distributing but also providing biscuits-cheers! And of course a thank you to Paul and Sarah for the lift home-we’ll have to start giving you petrol money.

I hope you all have a fantastic week and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you next week on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning!

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

There may have been more marshals than runners today but it certainly didn’t dampen the spirit of the eight wise people who decided to run the most beautiful of courses this morning.

Straight away let me mention our marvellous marshals who cheered our runners round; they were Brenda Grant, Georgia Tomlinson,  Helen Tomlinson, Jacob Hellewell, Jillie Townend,  Michelle Smith, Rosie Hellewell, Sarah Tomlinson and Sharon Hellewell and sweeping today were the best dressed runners in John Parkinson and the camera shy Izzy.

Sections of the course were really muddy today which made for an inconsistent running surface and considering that we had a really fast field.

First across the line was Paul Tomlinson  (welcome back Paul!) who finished strongly in 22:48 followed by Dave Robson in 25:29.  Next saw newcomer Sara Hayes nip in just under 26 minutes followed by Helen and Rosie Nurse in 26:38 and 27:24(a category record on her first appearance-well done Rosie) who both finished strongly.  A stalwart supporter of Run Sunday, Don Stead, finished next in fine style with a time of 28:28 and newcomer David Bridgewater impressed on his first outing with 31:38.  If we ran a handicap system then John Parkinson may have finished further up the field; as it is he put in a fantastic run with Izzy in the buggy and crossed the line in an admirable 33:54.  Well done everyone!

I know Run Sunday may not have the biggest fields but we have the best atmosphere of any run I’ve been to and that is really all down to our great marshals, runners and supporters-this means you guys!  We’ll put it on even if only one person turns up.  Well done everyone today and thank to the Tomlinsons for the lift home.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and Michelle and I are looking forward to seeing you all again soon

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack


Hi everyone,

No write up this week but Michelle and I are looking forward to seeing you all next time!


Hi everyone,

What a difference a week makes! At last a warm Chevin to run around; the mud has mostly dried and the ground is firm underfoot.

22 runners took advantage of these beautiful running conditions and we saw records broken in our youngest and oldest categories.

Firstly thank you to  our tail runner Sharon Hellewell and our marshals André Ruigrok, Anna Murtough,  Jille Townend, Jacob Hellewell, John Parkinson, Melvyn Burton and Stephen Brennan; you all did a fantastic job today!

This morning saw the return of the amazing Euan Brennan who crossed the line in a scorching 18.53 to break his own category record by 28 seconds. He was chased down by Tom Potter and James Tarran in 19.08 and 19.21 respectively.  Not too shabby-well done all three!

Louise Higgins was first for the women in 24.29 with Maggie Fletcher (and William) second and first timer Sue Harris in third-some great running there.

The second category record was from Malcolm Coles who powered across the line smashing his own previous best with an exceptionally strong finish.

Two other strong finishers were Jane Ellis who missed her PB by just one second and Toni Midgley whose sprint helped her take about 90 seconds off her previous best time.  Brilliant running.

There was a great atmosphere today with runners staying behind to cheer people in especially our two youngest contestants, Rosie Hellewell  and Izzy Parkinson-cheers guys.

I hope we can count on clement weather from now on and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all next week.  Have a good one.

All the best and good running, Paul Shack

Oh and thank you to the Parkinsons for the lift home!

28th April 2013

Hi everyone,

Like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or Time’s Arrow, 2013 continues to regress inexorably back into winter but that didn’t stop 19 intrepid runners brave the “open freezer door” gusts of wind on the exposed parts of the Chevin this morning. It was great to see the regulars and welcome back people we haven’t seen for a while.

Our volunteers today were Andy Brown (with Hannah and Suki), Geoff Render, Jacqueline Ellis, Michelle Smith, Pam Byrom and Piers Barber.  Sweeping up for us was Petra Bijsterveld.  Thanks to everyone –we can’t do it without you.

The conditions were tough this morning and first across the line was Tom Gatehouse in a solid 21:13 followed by Andrew Byrom just under a minute later (welcome back Andrew).  Ben Nurse had a storming performance in 23:04.  The first category record of the day fell to Arthur Turner who took 40 seconds off Nathan Forey’s long standing time of 25:07.  For the women, Leah Forey put in a strong sprint to finish first lady and third overall in 22:51 and the second category record of the day went to second lady, Helen Nurse in 25:03.  Third for the women was Madeleine Watson in 25:33.

Well I thought it was a great if chilly morning and I’m looking forward to seeing you all next week.

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack

21st April 2013

What a phenomenal day.  Firstly let me thank everyone for observing the minute’s silence so well before the run this morning.

It was a great turnout for the only real alternative to that small race down south, The VLM.

Thanks to our marvellous marshals who this week were Helen Forey, Jane Ellis,  Jez Hellewell, John Ellis, Nicki Walton (with Alex and Pixie), Michelle Smith and our brilliant tail runner, Kat Shepherdson.

Six records fell today.  Starting us off was the magnificent Racheal Bamford who pulverised the current women’s record and was just 6 seconds off the fastest ever time at Run Sunday with a time of 17.34. Well done.  Second for the ladies was Leah Forey with a great run of 22.16 and Tilly Melechi crossed the line shortly after. For the men Tom Pratt turned in an impressive sub 19 minutes (18:57) and Neil Jones finished second in 19:42 followed home by Zack Whitehead 40 seconds later.  Great running.

It was a day for records today with Ben Archer, Jake Hellewell, Rosie Hellewell, Jille Townend and Brenda Grant all taking category records and all by some margin.  Well done guys.

It was a sheer joy today to watch all the determination and hard work going on and it was great, as always, to hear everyone being cheered in.  You should all be really proud of yourselves; you make Run Sunday what it is.

Michelle and I hope you have a cracking week and we’re already looking forward to seeing you all next time!

All the best and good running,

Paul Shack

14th April 2013

Hi everyone.

Absolutely beautiful Yorkshire weather this morning, warm sunshine breaking through the trees saw 21 keen runners, seven steadfast volunteers and plenty of vocal supporters turn out (in fewer layers then recent weeks) on the Chevin this morning.  We couldn’t make it too easy so we did replicate the effects of a wind tunnel towards the top of the killer hill just to make it more of a challenge.

Firstly a big thank you to our tail runner John Parkinson and our volunteers Dave Robson, Julie Brennan, Kat Shepherdson, Liam Dunne, Michelle Smith and Piers Barber.

First across the line today was Euan Brennan who despite the challenging conditions lead from the very start and finished in an impressive category record of 19.21(that’s two records under his belt now) and second was Mark Beswick who almost withdrew before the run feeling a little under the weather but managed a great time of 21.40. Well done both!

For the women, Leah Forey battled hard in tough conditions to finish first in 23.20 followed by Katie Barber who broke her own category record by nearly three minutes with a watch time of 26.13-brilliant results both.

Yet another record fell to Harry Stead who took the MJ9 title with an impressive time of 26.21 coached by his dad Darryl and cheered on by the rest of the Steads!

All in all a great day with a fast field and it was great to see you all! (Oh and thanks for the lift Will Warboys-I’m amazed we didn’t break your car!)

Have a fantastic week and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all next week.

All the best and good running!

Paul Shack

April 07th 2013

Hi everyone,

A great morning and just to prove how tough the Chevin really is we laid on some frozen mud crusts with icy water underneath, of course, black ice patches and where you had to avoid the still lying snow and permafrost on the hill we provided you with a mud slide-perfect spring fun!  Let’s just say the course was “challenging” so well done to our seventeen adventurers who took on our tribute to “Total Wipeout”.

A welcome return to Graham Lake who managed an impressive 19.46 followed by another podium finish for Tom Gatehouse, third in for the men was newcomer Steve Robinson-an impressive debut.  For the ladies Leah Forey was first across the line(and fourth overall) coached by father Jonathan and mum Helen Forey took second.  Jane Ellis with her, now signature, faster than light sprint finish came in third.

Thanks go to our tail runner, Sue Gregson who finished with her signature sprint finish which we first saw on the Chevin last June(and also thank you for the lift home).

All in all, a great field showing great spirit especially Sean Emmett who showed true grit in getting to the finish after a calf problem half way round (I hope it’s just a niggle) and thanks to Jane and Tom for giving him a lift to his car.

So we’re back and hopefully there’ll be no more interruptions through the summer months.

By the way wasn’t Michelle’s cake marvellous! Yum.

We hope you have a great week whatever you’re doing!

All the best and good running, Paul Shack

March 17th 2013

Hi everyone,

What a great morning.  Event 31 and 31 runners!

A storming 18:00 finish from Peter Hopson saw him take first place and also take 4 seconds off his personal best (with a broken wrist too!) and Tom Pratt sliced 23 seconds off his PB to finish second in 19:13.  First again this week for the ladies was Pange Srivastava followed by Carol Gatehouse about 45 seconds later.  Our only new course category record today went to Lucia Stoney, thanks partly to the sterling domestique work of Martin Stoney.

The whole run had a great, energised vibe this morning; it was marvellous to see so many families taking part as well as see the return of Duncan Burgess and Dan Mackenzie.  Oh and before I forget a big Run Sunday Happy Birthday to Jacob Hellewell!

As always thank you to our stalwart crew of marshals who were Emma (with Esme and Florence) Stoney, Liz Buck (thanks for stepping in at the last minute), Michelle Smith (best biscuits yet!),Sarah Morvern Jones and a special mention to our walking wounded Vanessa Groom-get well soon! Our tail runners this week were the dynamic duo of Margaret Fletcher and William. Cheers guys.

Oh yes, a big thank you to Jonathan Brownlee for encouraging our runners (especially Lucia) up our “killer hill”-a nice finishing touch to a superb morning-you should have come back for a biscuit!

Have a great week everyone and Michelle and I hope to see you all again soon!

Paul Shack

March 10th 2013

Hi everyone,

You know spring is here when you open your curtains at 6am and there’s a blizzard outside.  As we hiked up to the Chevin this morning noticing the crocuses and snowdrops the temperature was steadily dropping and occasional flurries of snow made it look as well as feel cold but that didn’t stop 15 runners and 8 marshals from helping us stage our 30th event.

First off thanks as always to the marshals John Parkinson, Leah Forey, Louise Higgins, Melvyn Burton(who later ran the course!), Michelle Smith, Piers Barber, Will Worboys and our tail runner Ali Nash.  It was great to be able to double up marshals which is great for encouraging runners and makes it a less lonely job.

Jonathan Forey crossed the line first with a PB and the M40 category record shaved down to 18:28; Tom Gatehouse finished second in 21:39. For the women, Pange Srivastava broke the F40 record to cross the line first in just 24:34 with newcomer Lisa Heath second in 25:54.  Well done all!

The third record fell to Brenda Grant who took a full minute off her own course PB with 34:44

It was great to see some new faces in David, Lisa and Ben who all had strong runs finishing 4th, 5th and 6th respectively and also welcome back some canine competitors and their owners; Suki running with Debra and the ever vocal, but much loved Dylan and Emma.

Special thanks to Michelle for the lovely flapjack and to Emma for the lift home.

I hope you all have a cracking week. Good luck in whatever you do and me and Michelle can’t wait to see you all again soon.

March 03rd 2013

Hi everyone,

A great morning for a run around the Chevin and we saw four category records broken today so well done to Scott Harrington, Tilly Melechi, Katie Barber and Brenda Grant.

It was really nice to see the first finishers go back to the first corner to cheer later runners on and that was indicative of a wholly supportive and friendly atmosphere today.  It must be what Michelle puts in her biscuits.

First over the line was Scott Harrington in 17:42, a new category record and Jonathan McVicar, who only registered at nine this morning, came second with 18:57.  For the ladies, first over the line was Tilly Melechi, second was Katie Barber and they both smashed their PBs and category records-very well done!

Marvellous help was given by Toni Melechi “domestiqueing” Tilly to a great finish.  Talking of great finishes, Jane Ellis produced a storming sprint to the line as did Jacqueline Ellis on her first time out and Melvyn Burton took 50 seconds off his PB.

Thanks to our marshals who were Helen Lally, Julie Melechi, Lana Melechi, Mercedes Martin, Michelle Smith, Piers Barber and our tail runner, Brenda Grant.I had a great time as always and me and Michelle are looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

February 24th 2013

Will we ever have a warm Sunday morning?  A great turnout today considering there are three big events also on (Huddersfield 10, Snake Lane and Ilkley Fell Race) so thanks to everyone who came along to run.

As always a massive thank you to our marshals; Margaret Fletcher (and William), Helen Forey, Jane Ellis, Liam Dunne, Michelle Smith and Nigel Whelan-we can’t do it without you!

Well you guys were a really fast field to day with all 18 runners finishing sub 30 minutes so well done.  David Ellis Finished first with a great 19:01 and newcomer Simon Toyne was second with 20:32.  Leah Forey was first for the women in a great 23.42 and another newcomer Claire Fisher crossed the line in 26.00.

Everyone put in a Mo Farrar type sprint on the home stretch which was great to see and the encouragement from those runners that had already finished was really uplifting and I think helped to shave a couple of seconds of each finisher by spurring them on.  There was a great battle between our version of the Brownlee brothers who are Lewis and Nathan Forey-good to see healthy fraternal rivalry.  Well done both.

Michelle baked her best batch of biscuits yet and several people went back for seconds.

I hope you all have a great week and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all next time.

All the best and Good Running

February 17th 2013

Hi everyone.

What a glorious morning for slipping around a muddy Chevin and we had eleven runners joining us for Run Sunday number 27. Definite feeling of spring today.

Well done to Neil Jones who held off newcomer Tom Pratt to finish in a not too shabby 19.27 with Tom just seven seconds behind.  For the women Tilly Melechi equalled her own record coming in sixth at 21.53 while Sarah Morvern Jones came seventh in 28 minutes flat.

Everyone did really well this morning and it was great to see all of you.  Michelle and I hope you have a great week and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

February 10th 2013

A great morning on a bitterly cold Chevin saw 18 hardy runners brave our Run Sunday course with only a chocolate biscuit at the end.  First in for the men was Jonathan Forey in an impressive 18:57.  Welcome back Jonathan!  Keeping it in the family, Leah Forey was first for the women with a personal best of 22:45.  Well done Leah!  It was great to see you all there and Michelle and me look forward to seeing you next time!

February 3rd 2013
Well I’m glad we laid on two types of treat for the end of the funnel as we had twice as many runners as the last couple of weeks and two new category records!

It was great to see so many new people that I’ve only known via the facebook page and I’m glad that you all enjoyed it (even that lovely “Killer” Hill). Just as good to see some familiar faces with four Foreys finishing (try saying that after a couple of drinks),three generations of the Stead family crossing the line (one in a buggy) and we have to mention Max Stead who on his sixth birthday took the MJ6 record to resounding applause.

First across the line in an impressive 19:33 was Matthew Kelly being chased down by David Ellis two seconds later; the non-snowy conditions seemed to suit them both as their times improved by around two minutes. Hannah Oldroyd finished first for the women for the third week in a row and was just six seconds off her ladies course record and Emma Stoney was second less than thirty seconds behind on her first run out.

The second category record goes to Alison Ricci who chiselled an impressive 20 seconds off the previous time with a good strong finish.

Everyone did fantastically well and it was great to see everyone cheering in the later finishers climaxing with Max’s kicking for the line.

Thanks, as always, go to our marvellous marshals who this week were Alessandra Ricci, Carol and David Senior, Liam Dunne, Martin Stoney (and the Stonettes- Florence, Lucia and Esme), Katie Barber (who after running took over biscuit distribution!) and our tail runner Piers Barber.
And also thanks to Michelle who while not there in person was there in the form of her peanut butter oat cookies which, from the amount left, seemed to go down rather well.

On the whole it was another great run with a great atmosphere and its set me up for the week (in fact I think it has cured my cold!)
Have a great week and see you all again soon! Liam, thanks for the ginger beer.

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